145. Internistický deň, 23.11.2017, Hotel Saffron, Bratislava http://www.amedi.sk/podujatia/145-internisticky-den-95/uvod.html

Kazuistiky v internej medicíne a kardiológii, 04-05.05.2018, Hotel Družba Demänovská Dolina http://www.amedi.sk/podujatia/kazuistiky-v-internej-medicine-a-kardiologii-109/uvod.html  

XXXVII. Dni mladých internistov, 07-08.06.2018, Martin http://www.amedi.sk/podujatia/xxxvii-dni-mladych-internistov-113/uvod.html

XII. Kongres internej medicíny, Jún 2018, Nový Smokovec, Vysoké Tatry


European School of Internal Medicine - Winter, 22-26.01.2018, Levi, Lapland, Finland http://www.esim2018.org/

10-th International Congress of Internal Medicine, 22-24.03.2018, Athens, Greece http://internalmedicine-uth.gr/ 

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting, 19-21.04.2018, New Orleans, USA https://im2018.acponline.org/

4th McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine (MIRCIM), 10-12.05.2018, Kraków, Poland

European School of Internal Medicine - Summer, 24-30.06.2018, Ede, The Netherlands http://www.esim2018.com/

3rd Prague European Days of Internal Medicine, 31.05.-01.06.2018, Praha, Česká republika http://www.pedim2018.org/

17th European Congress of Internal Medicine 30.08.-01.09.2018, Wiesbaden, Germany https://ecim2018.eu/

34th World Congress of Internal Medicine, 18-21.10.2018, Cape Town, South Africa www.wcim2018.com/


Interná medicína (A-medi management) - obsah posledného čísla


Vnitřní lékařství: www.vnitrnilekarstvi.eu

European Journal of Internal Medicine: www.ejinme.com/

European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine www.ejcrim.com

The American Journal of Medicine www.amjmed.com/

Journal of Internal Medicine http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-2796


EFIM Exchange Programme 2017: www.efim.org/efim-exchange-program-application-form


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 3rd McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine (MIRCIM 2017), taking place in the beautiful historic city of Kraków, Poland on May 12th and 13th, 2017!

The two-day course features lectures delivered by outstanding experts, from authors of clinical practice guidelines to researchers behind the breakthrough trials that shape the modern standards in medicine. For the first time, satellite events are available on May 11 (Thursday), including a conference on evidence-based medicine supervised by Professor Gordon Guyatt and a series of practical workshops for physicians. Great educational experience for doctors and students.

Visit www.mircim.eu for more information and to register!